Installing, Maintaining and Servicing Outer Banks Pools and Spas for Over 25 Years


We have been installing new pools and spas in the Outer Banks region for 25 years.


We breathe new life into existing pools and spas no matter what condition they are in.


Protect your investment with expert servicing. We service pools, spas, heaters and filters.


We are licensed General Contractors and we specialize in outdoor living spaces.

Swimming Pools

Outer Banks swimming pool maintenance
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New Pools

Whether it’s concrete, fiberglass or vinyl lined, in-ground or raised, we install all styles of swimming pools. Everyone’s wants needs and budgets are different, so we are here to arm you with all the professional information required for you to end up with the best pool for you.

Pool Repair

Creecy Pool & Spa can put the life back into your pool. From detecting and repairing leaks to salt water conversion, liner replacement, repairing or replacing decks, fixing filtration and heating systems, we have the knowledge and skill to bring your pool back to new condition and keep it that way…giving you and your guests the best outdoor living experience possible.

Pool Servicing

Like anything you own, regular maintenance is the key to maximizing both your enjoyment and the longevity of your pool and equipment. We service rental property, residential and commercial swimming pools. Our services include, but are not limited to: vacuuming and skimming, wall brushing, water chemistry testing, chemical balancing, skimmer basket and filter cleaning, water level adjustment and chemical feeder supplies. Unlike other pool companies, we do not make you sign any contracts. This allows for a taylor-made maintenance program and ensures that we give the best service, all the time, or we know you’ll take your business somewhere else.

Pool Decking

A swimming pool is more than a place to get wet or cool down, and sometimes more time is spent by the pool than actually in the pool. Pool decking adds the comfort and usability of you pool. Creecy Pool & Spa are experts in all types of decking installation. Stamped, brushed or plain concrete, wood, Kool Deck, exposed aggregate or pavers, to name a few. We’re happy to help you decide the best decking for your outdoor living areas.

Pool Fencing

North Carolina pool codes dictate that there must be a barrier around all in-ground pools and regardless of the type of fencing there can be no openings larger than 4 inches. We install prefab fencing or we design and build custom fencing, not just for your pool area, but in area of your property. What looks best and is the most practical for your needs…we can help you with all the options.

Pool Covers

A Pool cover is the best way to protect your investment during the off season and minimizes maintenance costs. We install new cover systems and using existing pool covers on your pool is part of our winterization process.

Pool Heaters

Whether your pool is for your personal use or for your rental property, a pool heater allows you to keep the pool open longer. Creecy Pool and Spa is a Hayward Platinum Dealer & Warranty Service Center. We’ve got you covered when it comes to heater sales and service!


Pool Winterization

When the weather gets too cold and it’s time to close the pool, we provide a winterization service that will ensure your pool and equipment does not suffer from the extreme conditions we can get on the Outer Banks. Taking care of your pool during the down time, saves time and money when the time comes to open the pool up again.


Outer Banks Spa Installation and Servicing

New Spas

There’s nothing like relaxing in a built-in spa or a stand-alone hot tub. We offer the full range of Spa Crest spas and we can supply and install the solution that best fits your needs. Have another favorite brand? We will happily install that too.

Spa Repairs

Quick response times ensure our qualified and experienced staff will handle your spa repair needs and get your spa running in top condition for you and your guests in no time.

Spa Servicing

Just like a swimming pool, a spa needs to be maintained. We can customize a plan that keeps your spa clean and in pristine condition. We also offer spa winterization services. There are no contracts with Creecy Pool & Spa, so you’re not locked in to anything.

Spa Removal

Whether you are making way for a new spa or simply wish to get rid of your old spa to increase your deck space, we can handle it for you. Spa removal can be an awkward proposition without experience. Get it done the simple and correct way by letting a professional handle it and you won’t have to deal with the carting and disposal.

General Contracting

Outer Banks Pool House Design and Construction

We Specialize in Pool House Construction

A swimming pool area is where everyone wants to be when they’re outside and there’s nothing better than a fully equipped pool house or gazebo.  It can be a simple structure to take a break from the sun or the ideal place to entertain outdoors with you’re outside kitchen. No more trekking inside to get drinks or prepare food! With an outdoor living space designed to fit your lifestyle, no one will ever want to go inside.

Stairs & Walkways

Stairs and boardwalks are a great way to save our sand dunes and make your walk to and from the beach a lot less effort. Local oceanfront conditions take their toll on existing structures as well. Whether you need to repair, replace or build new, we have been building stairs and boardwalks the right way for over XX years.

Electrical Contracting

Creecy Pool & Spa is a one stop shop for more than just your swimming pool and spa needs. We are fully licensed and insured electrical contractors as well. Indoors or outdoors, we are master electricians and there’s nothing electrical we can’t handle.

Ask Our ‘Lab’ Technicians…


Outer Banks Pools Lab TechThere’s many reasons for owning a swimming pool or hot tub and from installation to repair and maintenance, there’s always questions that pop-up in every stage of pool ownership.

Creecy Pool & Spa is a family business (yes, including our dogs) and we pride ourselves with guaranteed, quality workmanship and dedicated service. Great service means that we are here to answer your questions about anything at anytime, so reach out to us if you have questions about new pools, pool repairs, pool maintenance, decks, fences or anything to do with your outdoor living space. We’ve answered a few common questions for you:

How long does it take to install a new pool?
Everything to do with outdoor construction is weather dependent. Under perfect conditions we could have you swimming in as little as 2 weeks from the time we break ground. Time frames vary depending on the type of pool being installed.
Do I have to sign a contract to have my pool maintained?
Creecy Pool & Spa does NOT have a pool maintenance contract. If we don’t perform up to your standards or beyond, you can give us the boot whenever you like! But our service is so good…we don’t think that will happen.
Do you offer any payment plans?
Creecy Pool & Spa does not finance swimming pools. We stick to what we know, and that’s giving you a  fabulous outdoor living space. We are happy to provide finance contacts if you wish.
Does your expertise go beyond swimming pools and spas?
Absolutely! Besides being pool and spa gurus, we are construction kings and electrical wizards! The list is long and we are more than happy to discuss all of your contracting needs, and we can back everything up with references and examples of our work.
“David Creecy has been caring for our home for over 5 years running. He has also renovated the whole outside of our house. David Creecy is not only the one who cares for my house, but he has become a great friend. I am not sure how many people become close friends with the ones who work on their homes. He is not only great at what he does, he is a great person!
Timmy B., Nags Head

David and his team did a wonderful job of designing and building our new outdoor living space. The finished product for our pool, gazebo, landscaping and living space is well beyond what we could have imagined at the beginning of the project. The craftmanship is top-notch and it is obvious everyone at Creecy Pool & Spa takes great pride in their work.
Tim S., Southern Shores

Creecy Pool and Spa have managed my pool & hot tub equipment for 14 years. David is always keeping me abreast of the newest pool and hot tub technology. Office and service personnel are outstanding and respond quickly to any issues, providing excellent service. Creecy Pool and Spa are the most progressive on the Outer Banks, whose integrity you can trust.
Bernie M., Corolla

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